Germany: "Sana-Gesellschaft" of Kleve x4 Kosher "Tomor" labels, c. 1904
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Germany, "Sana-Gesellschaft" (Sana Company) of Kleve Kosher "Tomor" margarine labels, circa. 1904: 4 different collector-promotional labels for the firm's "Tomor Calendar"; all Mint Hinged. Labels depict various Jewish scenes - Sabbath, wiseman, etc. - with German subtitles. 

Sana's parent company was the Van den Bergh Margarine Works, founded by Simon Van den Bergh (1819-1907), a Dutch industrialist and an observant Jew; his business manager, John Manger, established the Sana Company around 1900 as an independent factory exclusively for Kosher products, of which the "Tomor" brand was one of them. The Van den Bergh works eventually merged with other firms including the Lever Brothers to form the present-day Unilever company, though the "Tomor" brand also remains known to this day. 

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