Poland/Germany: Rybnik Jewish Orphanage seal, circa. 1890's
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Poland/Germany, Jewish Orphanage in Rybnik [in Upper Silesia] seal, circa. 1890's: red and black embossed seal depicting the orphagane building, with legend in German "Israelitisches Waisenhaus Rybnik"; mint never hinged, with full gum. 

The orphanage was established in 1893 by the Jewish Community of Rybnik (and located on 27 Powstańców Śląskich Street); in 1922 the building was taken over by the Jewish community of Katowice, which in turn sold it to the Silesian Chamber of Agriculture in 1927; after the Second World War the building housed Karol and Antoni Szafranek National Primary and Secondary Music School; and in 2007 the building was dismantled.

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