Norway: corner blk w/gutter x2 SG 301/38 w/German "V" ovpt, 1941 MNH
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Norway - corner block with gutter of 2 Norwegian 1 Ore (SG 301/38) olive-green colored stamps overprinted with a "V" (SG T49). Mint, unused, unhinged with original gum. Not water-marked. Has minor crease at bottom-right corner of block and a spot on the bottom stamp. In August 1941 the Germans overprinted certain Norwegian stamps with a "V" to celebrate what then appeared to be their final victory both over Russia and occupied Europe.

מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות פילאטליה פילטליה דואר מעטפות גלויות אגרות אגרת נורבגיה