'Pechach' org. stat. letter ex. Germany to Palestine via Istanbul w/US censor, 1946
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'Yishuv' mail: cover with letter, from "Pechach" - the Combat Veterans and Pioneers Organization, from their head office in Munich, Germany. Envelope was opened by the U.S. Military Censor of civilian mail, resealed and stamped as such. The envelope was posted 29 Nov. 1946 from Munich (on Mich. 934; 75pf), passed through Istanbul on 12 Dec. 1946 and arrived at Rosh Pina, Palestine still in December the same year.

The letter itself is from a different date, but is handwritten in Hebrew on Pechach stationary. It looks like the ink of the letter's original envelope passed through to the paper and the same sender's name and address can be seen along with a comment in German that looks like "Jewish Writing" ("geschreiben judisch").

The organization (actually known in Hebrew as the "Soldier-Pioneer Companies") covertly sent combat veterans to help immigrant ships sailing to Palestine to break the British blockade on illegal immigration.

מילות מפתח: היסטוריה בולאית מעטפות חותמות דואר תעריפים קישרי חוץ ישראליות יישוב עברי העפלה מחתרת