Poland: 'Resettlement Corps in Italy' set x14 labels, 1946; w/ovpts
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Poland - set of 14 mint 'Poczta Osiedli Polskich w Italii' stamps issued by the Polish Resettlement Corps in Italy, 1946. The Resettlement Corps was created by the British Government under the auspices of the War Relief Services (NCWC) in May 1946, and was tasked with processing the some-300,000 Polish soldiers in the western sphere of liberated Europe. Polish servicemen fought bravely in virtually every front of the war, on land, sea and air - in North Africa, the Eastern Front, Scandinavia, France, Italy and Britain. The soldiers could choose between emigrating from Poland, returning to [Communist] Poland, and resettling in the UK but signing a two-year contract to serve in the British Armed Forces. These stamps were printed by 'L.P.S. Off. Carte Valori' in Rome, in 1946, in various Polish denominations; they feature Polish motifs and certain issues are also overprinted in English, French or Polish with Roosevelt's "Honor the Four Freedoms".

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