Germany: ppc from anti-Semitic "The Eternal Jew" exhibition, 1937
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Postcard from the anti-Semitic exhibition, "The Eternal Jew", Munich, Germany, Nov. 8, 1937 (exactly 1 year before Krystallnacht). Franked and cancelled with special cachet to mark the event, and mailed to a Josef Hagemann in Thuringen-Ulm. Has a few minor surface scuffs. The exhibition ran until 31 January, 1938. According to one source, it attracted 412,000 visitors and Gestapo reports indicated that it fostered a sharp rise in anti-Semitic feelings, leading in some cases to violence against the Jewish community.

מילות מפתח: היסטוריה בולאית מעטפות חותמות דואר תעריפים קישרי חוץ השואה גטאות אנטישמי כיבוש גרמני נאצי רייך שלישי יודאיקה יודאיכה