Jewish internee ppc. ex Ismaila transit camp to Atlit camp via rail, 1946
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Postcard sent from Rose Tustian at 211 Transit Camp in Ismaila, Egypt to a Sergeant Kossar at the Clearance Camp in Atlit, Palestine. The letter, in French, is written to Rose's brother and in it she describes how she left Haifa on 4 October 1946 at 3pm by rail and arrived at 7am the next morning (Friday) in good health. She writes that she doesn't know when she will catch the boat, and that she will write again when she knows. The card features an arial depiction of the Suez Canal on one side, and bears a 'T' cachet on the reverse. Although the Egyptian stamp is missing, the card itself is a fascinating document.

מילות מפתח: היסטוריה בולאית מעטפות חותמות דואר צבאית מנדטורית מחנוה מחנות מעצר עצירים עתלית לטרון צפת עכו משטרת משטרה פלשתינה יהודים מחתרת אצ"ל