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'Yishuv' mail: cover with letter, from "Pechach" - the Combat Veterans and Pioneers Organization, from their head office in Munich, Germany. Envelope was opened by the U.S. Military Censor of...

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Lot x3 Commercial airmail covers to US: 1) ex Jerusalem to New York, with mixed Doar Ivri and New Year stamps franked at the correct 65 mils rate (50m Doar Ivri on gray paper Ba 6a + 5m + 10m New...

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Maccabi 10th World Congress commercial cover: special event stationary ex TLV to Foreign Ministry in TLV, franked double the Period 2 inland letter rate (15Pr) by 15m with incorrect tab (Ba 4b) + 5m...

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Registered private FDC 1948 with Ba 1-6 tabbed, with 2 perforation varities - 3m and 10m at 10x11 (all others 11x11); ex TLV to Tel Aviv; 5 cancellations on front and two backstamps.

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