Israeli & Yishuv Mail & Postal History

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Doar Ivri control blocks on mail: x2 registered commercial cover on bank stationary  - 1) ex Tel Aviv (Bank HaPoalim) to Ness Ziona bank, franked at the proper 40 mils rate using Plate 1 10 mils...

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Unfranked mail from the Haifa branch of "The Committee for the Enlisted [Solder] and his Family" to a member, enjoying free postage rate as a military-affiliated body. Postmarked and received on same...

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Official FDC 1948 with Ba 1-9 singles including 10x11 perforation varieties on 3m and 10m (Ba 1d/3d); unused. Cat val = $220

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Lot x9 Interim philatelic covers, 5 within Tel Aviv: 1) franked by complete set x7 blue Parachutists stamps (70 mils - x7 times the actual period letter rate). 2) franked by x3 blue Diaspora Series...

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lot x6 interim commerical covers, cat val = $150: 1) cover sent within Tel Aviv (return address Ein Shemer - Karkur postal service), using airmail stationary and franked 10m (Herzl Ba 7) at the...

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Lot x12 interim covers & postcards + 10 cancelled stamps on sheet (mostly high denominations), all of philatelic origin; includes some red overprints, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Haifa...

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Israel: airmail envelope with letterhead of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, 1960s. In Israel, the Prime Minister chairs the Commission, and the body itself was originally established by Ben...

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First Day taxed domestic mail with Doar Ivri used as postage dues: Haifa cover posted locally 16 May 1948 with 6 mils franking (instead of 10 mils), and having double the difference (3m + 5m tabbed;...

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Israel: interesting postcard from the World Forum of Youth and Students in Moscow, 1961 mailed to Haifa Israel. The Forum was one of two organized gatherings of students in Moscow (the second was in...

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