UK: 'Festival British Jewry' x2 blk & postal strike airmail to Israel
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Great Britain, Jewish thematic philately (x4): x2 block with gutter undenominated labels for the "Festival of British Jewry" (19 March 1985), mint never hinged (but previously folded along the horizontal perforation) - noted the apparent upside-down date; x2 "Airmail to Israel" 22 pence and "4/6" labels issued during the 1971 British postal strike (mint never hinged; bearing Israel stamp Bale #405 from 1968, commemorating 50th anniversary of scouting in Israel). 

The British postal strike took place in January 1971 and lasted 10 weeks, during which time numerous private posts and courier services operated with the permission of the British Post Office - the first time that it voluntarily suspended its monopoly over the transport of mail.

מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות תוים יהודיים יהודים ציוניים ציונים תנועה קק"ל מגבית מגביות