Confederate States of Am. block x4 CSA #12 dk-blue 10c stps NH
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Confederate States of America - uncut block of 4 CSA #12 (KB - Keatinge and Ball Printing) dark-blue 10 cents stamps. Near-mint (has horizontal crease-line at center of block), original gum, unused and unhinged; well-centered. A lovely block. This stamp series was originally printed Richmond, Virginia, by Archer & Daly Printing in May 1863, but in August-September 1864, fearing the fall of the city to Union forces, the printing plates were transferred to Columbia, South Carolina, where they were produced by Keatinge and Ball. This stamp series ceased to be produced in February 1865 when Columbia was captured by the Union army.

מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות פילאטליה פילטליה דואר מעטפות גלויות אגרות אגרת ארה"ב אמריקה