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Palestine/Eretz-Israel: "Lemel School" Jerusalem medal, c. 1903; stuck in copper, size: 33mm, weight: 14.9g, in AU: obverse depicts palm tree with Hebrew legend "From the mouth of babes you have...

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Israel: Bnei Akiva "Merkaz Yeshivot" medal, circa. 1989; 36mm, 14g: commemorates the "Merkaz Yeshivot" (network of Jewish religious studies centers) of the "Bnei Akiva" ("Sons of Akiva")...

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Israel: Tallion of the "Bnei Akiva" Jewish religious Zionist youth movement's "World Secretariat", with the movement's emblem and flag of Israel above, circa. 1958; nickel, 26mm, 8.65g, in VF-EF.Bnei...

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Israel: "Bnei Akiva" religious-Zionist youth movement badge with emblem of Bnei Akiva depicting the two Tablets of the Ten Commandments, the initials for "Torah" and "Labor", with sheath of wheat and...

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