'Lemel School' Jerusalem medal in copper, c. 1903
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Palestine/Eretz-Israel: "Lemel School" Jerusalem medal, c. 1903; stuck in copper, size: 33mm, weight: 14.9g, in AU: obverse depicts palm tree with Hebrew legend "From the mouth of babes you have created strength" and on reverse Hebrew legend "The school of Shimon from the noblest of the house of Lemel".

The "Lemel" School was originally established in 1856 in Jerusalem by the philanthropic family Lemel, and named after Shimon Adler Lemel. It was originally intended to be an orphans school for youngsters modelled after a German "kindergarten", though its including of secular educational material caused a rift in the Jewish community of Jerusalem. The actual inauguration of the Lemel school building took place in 1903 and this medal is probably from that event.

Here the name "Lemel" on the medal is spelled with the Hebrew letter "ayin" for the "eh" sound as it would be written if transliterating from German-Yiddish into Hebrew, though it is popularly written without that letter (JTM-EP-39).