Israel: 'Bnei Akiva' World Secretariat tallion, circa. 1958
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Israel: Tallion of the "Bnei Akiva" Jewish religious Zionist youth movement's "World Secretariat", with the movement's emblem and flag of Israel above, circa. 1958; nickel, 26mm, 8.65g, in VF-EF.

Bnei Akiva was founded in 1929 as a youth movement associated with the religious-Zionist "HaPoel HaMizrachi" ("Eastern Laborer") labor movement. The "HaPoel HaMizrachi" was a religious counter-balast to the main secular-Zionist "Histadrut Klalit" labor union in Palestine.

Religious-Zionist Jews in Palestine had found themselves caught between the animosity of secular Zionists and anti-Zionist religious Jews in the labor market and their children unable to join any of the existing political- and religious-labor youth movements (like Maccabi, Betar and the Boy Scouts - "HaTzofim").

Bnei Akiva established itself in Palestine/Israel with branches overseas, which encouraged even secular Jews to combine Zionist pioneer work (in agriculture) together with traditional Jewish norms and immigrate to Palestine. These overseas branches were originally run independently as "secretariats" and later unified, in 1958, as a "World Secretariate" together with the Israeli main Bnei Akiva branch.