Israel Referee Association medal to M. Chadshoni for 25 years service, 1961
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Israel Referee Association ("Igud HaShoftim") medal for 25 years service, 1961; 35mm, 29.5g: round metal tallion with enamel emblem of the Israeli Referee Association and the number "25" engraved above it connected to a blue and white cloth ribbon which is attached to a metal clasp. 

The clasp is engraved "Jubilee 1936-1961"; on reverse is the recipient's name, M.Chadshoni - possibly Michael Chadshoni (whose name appears in connection to the scheduler who assigned a young referee to referee a contentious football game one series before the season finale, between HaPoel Petach Tikva, the then Israeli premier league champion five years running, and Maccabi Tel Aviv, in which a hand-ball call caused an uproar on the pitch - 4 July 1964).