Jewish Displaced Persons "She'erit HaPleita" enamel pin, circa. 1945-47
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"She'erit HaPleita" enamel pin, circa. 1945-47; size: 20 x 26.5mm; weight: 5.2g. Two-toned enamel pin depicting golden Star of David set again a half-white and -blue background, with the legend in Hebrew and English above: "Eretz Israel / Palestine". Not maker-marked. There is some enamel damage/imperfection on the lower left section of the white field.

This piece is being ascribed to the post war movement of Jewish Holocaust survivors / displaced persons (called in Hebrew the "remnants of the refugees") as the emblem design is similar to that used on flags and pins of the She'erit HaPleita movement, which had organized itself as a self-governing movement of DPs: a Star of David set against a background which is half blue and half white.

This was probably done in order to avoid using the designed adopted by the Jewish community ('Yishuv') in Palestine and thereby angering the British authories in Germany, where these DPs were held. Nevertheless, the employment of a similar design was indended to signify the DPs' desire to emigrate to Palestine. Another hint that this pin is from the movement is the lack of Arabic in the pin's text - something that would have been included on emblems and insignia sanctioned by the British authorities in Palestine for public use.