Palestine/E.I. Herbert Samuel Zionist rug, circa. 1920-1925
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Herbert Samuel (facing right), circa. 1920-1925; machine pile weave made in Jerusalem by the Alliance Israelite Universelle School; size, circa. 57cm x 107cm.

Samuel was the a Jew, and the first High Commissioner of Palestine under the British Mandate. His arrival was seen by the local Jewish community as, literally, the coming of the Messiah (described first-hand in the documentary series "Pillar of Fire"). During his tenure (1920-1925), in 1922, the British Government published a 'White Paper' supporting Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Of the AIU School's weave designs it is interesting to note that although most of their works commemorate Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists, non-Governmental figures (like Weizmann and Nordau below) have more ornamental designs, also incorporating a Star of David (even though Samuel himself was also Jewish), whereas "official" figures receive more staid and restrained designs. Felton-17.

מילות מפתח: שטיחים יהודיים שטיח יהודי ציוני ציוניים בית ספר אליאנס אוניברסל ישראלית ארץ ישראל