'Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Museum' foundation medal in nickel(?), 1982
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Maccabi World Union "Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Museum" foundation medal, 1982; nickel(?); weight: 13.4g; size (medal only): 43.25mm x 43.5mm. 

Obverse legend in Hebrew "World Maccabi Union"; on reverse a reproduction of the emblem used by the German Jewish Gymnastics Group at the 6th Zionist Congress (1903) - a representation of the emblem of the Zionist movement and the slogan "Strong Strong and Brave" ("Khazak Khazak veAmatz").

The allusion is to the movement in Jewish and Zionist circles at the end of the 19th Century to promote what Herzl's close associate Max Nordau termed "Muscular Judaism" - physical fitness as an expression of Jewish prowess.

In VF: what appears to be dark dirt marks may be the result of the medal's manufacturing process; the loop is soldiered on and may have been done separately from the production of the medal.

Pierre Gildesgame served as president of the Maccabi World Union from 1973 until his untimely death in 1981; in recognition of his fund raising activities and support of Maccabi a sports museum commemorating the work of the Maccabi World Union was established in his name at the "Maccabi Village" in Ramat Gan in 1982. The motto "Strong Strong and Brave" has been adopted by many Jewish sports and scouting organizations (HaShomer Hatzair, Maccabi HaTzair, HaNoar HaTzioni) and is loosely used as an expression of spiritual support.