Pin of the "Exhibition of the Revolt" ('Fight for Freedom'), 1958
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Pin of the "Exhibition of the Revolt", 1958; size: 1.6 x 2.4cm; weight: 0.95g. The pin bears an image of a torch held by hand with the legend "Exhibition of the Revolt".

The Exhibition took place on 14 Dec. 1958 (the 8th and last day of the Chanukka holiday) at the Jabotinski Institute in Tel Aviv. Menachem Begin (leader of the Freedom ['Herut'] Party) delivered a speech expounding on the miracle of the victory (i.e. mirroring the victory of Chanukka) of underground fighters of the Etzel, and their steadfastness as the few in the face of the many (i.e. the British and the Arabs). The Postal Authority created a special cachet to commemorate the event, known there in English as the "Fight for Freedom Exhibition".

Judging by the commentary of the Revisionist newspaper 'Herut' at that time, the exhibition generated a lot of reaction and controversy.