Pin of the Irgun promoted "Convention of the Generation of the Revolt", 1958
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Pin of the "Convention of the Generation of the Revolt", 1958; size: 1.85cm; weight: 1.05. The pin bears the emblem of the Etzel in the center against the backdrop of a wall (probably a reference to the Old City of Jerusalem / the Western Wall), and olive branches on either side, with the legend "A Decade to the Victory" and "Convention of the Generation of the Revolt 5718 [1958]".

The Convention took place, at the initiative of Menachem Begin, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the State and to represent a counter-memorial - and a counter historical narrative - for the fallen of the Etzel and the Lechi organizations, against what was seen as the establishment-supported commemoration of the heritage of the Hagana at the expense of those Revisionist organizations.

The convention cast a wide net and embraced also the heritage of the NILI organization of the First World War as well as the veterans of the Jewish Battalions. Its purpose was to leverage the publicity it generated to disseminate certain ideas and concepts of these under-represented movements to the general public and attempt to make the public more aware of the role of the Revisionist Zionist movement in the establishment of the State.

The Convention took place on Passover eve, ten years after the conquest of Jaffo by the Etzel, and featured Jacques Soustelle, the French Member of Parliament and former governor general of Algeria: Begin's speech about the Hebrew revolt against British colonialism was mirrored by Sustel's speech on the French resistance to Arab imperialism in Algeria. The audience waved French and Israeli flags were and cried "Vive La France".