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Maccabi World Union "Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Museum" foundation medal, 1982; nickel(?); weight: 13.4g; size (medal only): 43.25mm x 43.5mm. Obverse legend in Hebrew "World Maccabi Union"; on...

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7th Maccabi Games ("Maccabia") participation pin, 1965; weight: 0.95g; size: 14.5mm x 30.75mm.Depicts the official emblem of the Games with legend below "The 7th Maccabia 1965"; soldiered pin back.

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Maccabi Sports Federation "Zichron Yaakov March" participation medal, 1987-88; iron; weight: 18.35g; size: 43.25mm x 43.5mm.Heart shaped tallion; obverse bears emblem of the Maccabi federation with...

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