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Israel/Palestine: "Palestine Athletics" silver medal (with tallion) for a walking race, 1926; struck in silver; by the firm of William James Dingley (W.J.D.) of Birmingham; size: 35.5mm; weight:...

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Israel: city of Givat Shmuel "Boys March" uniface commemoration token, 1989; cast in nickel(?); no makers mark; weight: 30.1g; size: 40.25mm x 53mm.Depicts image of the Givat Shmuel regional council...

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Munich "Bloody Olympics" Games commemorative medal, 1972; stuck in cupro-nickel; no maker mark; weight: 17.2g; size: 35.25mm.Obverse depicts the "Frauenkirche" Cathedral ("Cathedral of our Dear...

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Palestinian Authority: Palestinian Swimming Federation in Jerusalem uniface medallion; weight: 31.8g. The Palestinian Swimming and Aquatic Sports Federation was founded in 1993; its main activities...

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Jewish/Eretz-Israel Soldiers "Tripoli League" sports competition medal, 1943-44, Libya(?); struck in brass; no makers mark; weight: 24.4g; size: 35mm.Generic medal inscribed "Tripoli League Champions...

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