'Palestine Athletics' silver medal for walking race, 1926, by Dingley (UK)
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Israel/Palestine: "Palestine Athletics" silver medal (with tallion) for a walking race, 1926; struck in silver; by the firm of William James Dingley (W.J.D.) of Birmingham; size: 35.5mm; weight: 4.15g.

Obverse bears stylized engraving between wreath devices, "Jan. 13. 26 Palestine Athletics"; on reverse is engraved "15 Miles Walking Race".

The medal is not locally produced, does not contain any Hebrew (or Arabic), or Jewish/Zionist emblems and the event itself is not recorded in standard histories of sports in Palestine, and so is most probably related to a privately organized function by the expatriate British community in Palestine - a school, Church or civic organization (even a governmental function would have either used all three languages or an official emblem). In VF.