Satirical & Anti-Semitic Medals

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Austria: Dr. Carl Lueger, Mayor of Vienna 60th birthday medal (1904) by Rudolph Ferdinand Marschall (Austria); struck in bronze; size: 60mm, weight: 68.65g.Obverse depicts right facing bust of Lueger...

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France: "General Auguste Mercier Judge of the Traitor Dreyfus" medal, 1906; struck in bronze; designed by J.Baffier and minted by Janvier-Duval; weight: 54.15g; size: 50mm.Obverse: depicts left...

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France: Louis XV; "Chambre aux deniers" jeton, 1737; struck in silver; by Du Vivier; weight: 6.8g; size: 28.5mm.Obverse: depicts a Rabbi figure kneeling before a flaming altar, with latin legend...

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France: Philippe Duc D'Orleans / anti-Dreyfus medal (France), 1900; struck in brass (silvered); designer unknown (unmarked); size: 30.5mm, weight: 8g.Obverse bears left facing bust of Philippe VIII...

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Germany: Nazi "Angriff" newspaper promotional token ("vertriebsplakette") for "A Nazi Travels to Palestine" (ND), circa. 1934; no artist marks - struck by die sinking firm of L.[Ludwig]...

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