France: 'General Auguste Mercier Judge of the Traitor Dreyfus' medal, 1906
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France: "General Auguste Mercier Judge of the Traitor Dreyfus" medal, 1906; struck in bronze; designed by J.Baffier and minted by Janvier-Duval; weight: 54.15g; size: 50mm.

Obverse: depicts left facing bust of Mercier, with legend around rim and "Souscription Nationale" ("national fundraiser") below.

Reverse: within leafed frame, a 12-line excerpt of Mercier's refusal to accept the French Parliament's full exoneration (1906) of Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Plain rim with "bronze" and Janvier-Duval emblem stamped.

Mercier was the first public accuser of Dreyfus (1894), remained a resolute opponent of his, and became a symbol of the anti-Semitic right wing in France long after the trial. In AU, with a little surface dirt on obverse.

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