Germany: Bismarck's Memoirs Volume III cast medal by Karl Goetz, 1921
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Bismarck's Memoirs Volume III ("Gedanken und Erinnerungen") satirical medal by Karl Goetz, 1921; cast in bronze; weight: 72.55g; size: 59.5.

Obverse depicts enchained book labelled "Volume III" ("3. Band"), with clouds of smoke around and crown on ground, with legend "Bismarck's Vermaechtnis" at top of edge and continuation in exergue "Dem Deutschen Volke" (meaning, "Bismarck's legacy to the German people").

On reverse a Judge figure pushing the German "Michael" figure (embodiment of Germany) away from a thick copy of volume III, with Kaiser Wilhelm II crouched under the table, and legend "Nichts Fuer Euch Deutsche" ("Not for you Germans"); Goetz's initial in exergue. Plain rim. 

Not a medal of anti-Semitic relation but placed here for now with other Goetz medals. The medal mocks the attempts to prevent publication of the 3rd volume of Bismarck's memoirs "Reflections and Reminiscences", which in this volume was highly critical of the Kaiser. Ironically, although the first two volumes were published to great acclaim during Bismarck's lifetime, his own family tried to prevent the publication of the 3rd volume. In AU-UNC; Kienast-278.

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