Germany: Kurt Eisner/'Clean Out Bavaria' cast medal by Karl Goetz c. 1920
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Germany: Kurt Eisner / "Clean Out Bavaria" satirical election medal by Karl Goetz (ND), circa. 1920; cast bronze; size: 57.5mm, weight: 54.9g.

Obverse: depicts oversized Bavarian Lion chasing after the Jewish socialists Johannes Hoffman (with "HOFFMANN" on his hat), Kurt Eisner (not named but implied by his image) bearing flags with words "EISNER ZEIT" ("Eisner's Time") and "RÄTE TERROR" ("Soviet Terror"), and probably Gustav Landauer with glasses and hat on extreme left; with legend around edge, "KEHRAUS IM BAYER" ("Clean Out Bavaria") and "LANDTAG" in exergue.

Reverse: towering pillars bearing the emblems of the Bavarian Church and Monarchy, with rising sun behind and massive flock of sheep moving forward, with legend "BAYERN TREUE" ("Bavarian Loyalty") and date "6. JUNI 1920". Relatively thin planchet with plain rim; without Goetz's name imprinted on edge (his initials appear at the bottom on the reverse).

This medal commemorates the first general elections to the Reichstag on 6 June 1920, after a period of political upheaval in Bavaria in which socialist anti-monarchists and then extreme Bolshevik forces took power and were then swept out by a violent right-wing military reaction. The 1920 elections brought to power a conservative bourgeois government headed by Dr. Kahr. A bitterly sarcastic medal taking aim at both left and right. In UNC; Kirschner Nr. 46, Kienast-268.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות מאה 19 20 יודאיקה יודאיכה גרמניה קארל גטס