Germany: Leipzig 'Messonkel' medal in silvered bronze, c.1929-30
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Germany: Leipzig "Messonkel" medal, circa. 1929-1930 (ND); no artist marks; struck in silvered bronze; size: 40mm, weight: 27.05g.

Obverse depicts rotund well-dressed businessman-like figure with briefcase and sack (of money?) at railway station, with legend below "MESSONKELS ANKUNFT" ("mess uncle's arrival" - arrival of the live-in house helper).

Reverse depicts same figure being kissed by woman at departure platform of train station, with household pet dog at side, but now with open and empty briefcase, among well dressed but thinner couples around, and legend underneath "SÜSSER ABSCHIED" ("sweet parting"). Thick planchet, plain rim.

This medal is attributed to Leipzig and that city in particular is mentioned in reference to the employment of full-time domestic helpers known as "mess uncles", who would be housed at their employers. As this is a Great Depression-era piece it may be mocking the exploitation of wealthy men by impoverished women (and vice versa). Not an anti-Semitic medal, but listed here as its theme complements other pieces from the same era. In VF.

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