Germany: 'Mein Kampf'/Hitler anti-Semitic legend porcelain medal, c. 1939
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Germany: Mein Kampf / Hitler anti-Semitic quotation brown-green colored porcelain medal (ND), circa. 1939; no artist mark - produced by Meissen; size: 50.5mm, weight: 18.95g.

Obverse bears unattributed quotation from "Mein Kampf" (pg. 69) on 4+1 lines with oak leaves on either side - "INDEM ICH MICH DES JUDEN ERWEHRE, KÄMPFE ICH FÜR DAS WERK DES HERRN. ADOLF HITLER" ("While I am resisting the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work"), with Meissen's logo below. On reverse, large depiction of state arms of the Third Reich.

Medallic rotation, with brown porcelain center surrounded by green colored edge.

Although Nazi Germany produced many porcelain tokens to commemorate military and national events, very few focus on quotations from Mein Kampf - and even fewer on overt expressions anti-Semitism. Probably issued around the time of the outbreak of the war in order to give it "messianic" justification (see for example 0130347). In UNC.

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