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Germany: Kurt Eisner "Verlassen" ("Leave") satirical medal by Karl Goetz (ND), circa. 1918-1919; bronze; size: 58mm, weight: 67.6g.Obverse: depicts a bourgeois looking and rotund Jewish-Socialist...

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Germany: Kurt Eisner / "Clean Out Bavaria" satirical election medal by Karl Goetz (ND), circa. 1920; cast bronze; size: 57.5mm, weight: 54.9g.Obverse: depicts oversized Bavarian Lion chasing after...

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Germany: Leipzig "Messonkel" medal, circa. 1929-1930 (ND); no artist marks; struck in silvered bronze; size: 40mm, weight: 27.05g.Obverse depicts rotund well-dressed businessman-like figure with...

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Great Britain: Merchant of Venice medal (ND); struck in silver; by Nathan; size: 44.25mm, weight: 40.85g: obverse bears quotation from the play, [Portia to Shylock, before the court]: "Tarry a...

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Great Britain: "Shylock" English Anti-Semitic medal, 1809; struck in white metal; no maker/medalist mark; size: 42mm, weight: 24.55g.Obverse shows a devil-like bust with tall pointy ears and a sharp...

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Poland: anti-Semitic Polish Independence era "pricelist" medallion, 1918; struck in nickel-brass; no marker/artist mark; size: 28mm, weight: 8.4g.Obverse: depicts 3 well-dressed and full-bodied...

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