Germany: 'Angriff' newspaper 'A Nazi Travels to Palestine' promo token, c.1934
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Germany: Nazi "Angriff" newspaper promotional token ("vertriebsplakette") for "A Nazi Travels to Palestine" (ND), circa. 1934; no artist marks - struck by die sinking firm of L.[Ludwig] Chr.[Christoph] Lauer of Nuernberg; size: 35mm, weight: 16g.

Obverse depicts a large Star of David surrounded by the legend "EIN NAZI FÄHRT NACH PALÄSTINA" ("A Nazi Travels to Palestine").

Reverse depicts swastika at top and legend below "UND ERZÄHLT DAVON IM ANGRIFF" ("And Tells About it in 'Attack'"), with "Angriff" written in the style of the newspaper's logo. Relatively thick planchet, plain edge; curiously the "g" in "Nuernberg" is missing its right side.

"Der Angriff" was a newspaper of the Berlin branch of the Nazi Party, established in 1927 (before the National Socialists were elected to government) by Joseph Goebbels, though it's circulation was relatively small and its importance diminished once the Party rose to power.

The article promoted by this token was actually a series of articles written by a member of the SS, Leopold Edler von Mildenstein (who wrote under the psudonym "Lim"), who spent 6 months in Palestine and wrote his observations for the newspaper in installments between 26 September and 9 October 1934.

Against the backdrop of the paper's vicious anti-Semitism it may come as a surprise that the purpose of the venture was to portray Palestine in a positive light, to encourage Jewish immigration to there. This approach follows the Party's/Hitler's policy at that time of both encouraging Jewish emigration out of Germany - and of using legal, economic and physical force to drive them out.

Ironically Palestine had a German-Templar community whose leader, Gotthilf Wagner, was an ardent anti-Semite and Nazi supporter (who was later assassinated in 1946 by the Palmach). Von Mildenstein was a degreed engineer, friendly with Zionists and even attended a few Zionist Congresses which in turn convinced him of the need to solve the Jewish "problem" through immigration to Palestine - except that few [assimilated] Jews actually wanted to go there.

In time von Mildenstein established and became the first head of the "Jewish Desk" of the SS Security Department (the SD), and whose assistant and successor when von Mildenstein resigned and joined the Foreign Ministry was Adolf Eichman.

Of interest on this token is the word "Nazi" - Party members did not use this short form to address themselves, its usage even being seen as a term of insult to them; normally they would have been called by the full name of their affiliation, "Nationalsozialisten" (National Socialists). In VF-EF; Kirschner Nr. 48.

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