Germany: 'Josefs-Jeton' w/12 line legend, white metal(?), 1772 (Brett-1935)
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Germany: Joseph and His Brothers inflationary Jeton ("Josefs-Jeton" - "Joseph und Seine Bruder" Rechenpfennig), 1772; struck in white metal (tin?); by Johann Christian Reich (Germany, Brandenburg): size: 30.5mm, weight: 6.1g.

Obverse: Joseph (without corn-sack) and his brothers (kneeling before him) surmounted by German legend "DIE THEURUNG IM LAND. MACHT IOSEPH BEKANT." (loosely translated as "The Famine in the Land Makes Joseph"), and below on 2 (possibly 3) lines: "IOH:CH:REICH.FEC / DANTES" - there may also be "1772" underneath as per cited sources below though not easily visible on this piece.

Reverse: medal rotation strike; thin planchet; 12-lined legend starting with "1771" and ending with "Grose Noth" and a bar/line underneath.

In VF-EF: crudely struck and slightly off-center but exhibits surprisingly good detail and shows luster; weight and appearance suggests white metal but cited sources attribute to this a tin planchet; Brettauer-1935; P.u.R-155; Kirschner-XII.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות יוסף ואחיו יודאיקה יודאיכה יוהאן רייך גרמניה