Germany: 'Corn Jew' Hanging/horizontal grain sifter medal, 1695, tin strike
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Germany: Kornjudenmedaille "Corn Jew" Hanging Jew / horizontal grain sifter medal ("Hängender Kornjude - Liegendes Scheffelmass"), 1695; struck in tin; by Christian Wermuth; size: 33.5mm, weight: 10.85g.

Obverse: house of peasant with stork nest on top, left of hanging Jew in tree with Devil on the rope and long corn stalks in field on right, and German legend "Du Korn Iude." ("You Corn Jew") above and "Wolfeile Zeit" ("Cheap Times") below (like JM-5).

Reverse: horizontal grain sifter with quotation from Proverbs, but design is different to what referenced sources document: part of the legend is along the edge ("Wer Korn Innhaelt Fluchen Die Leuthe") and the remainder appears on the outer rim(!) of the sifter; quotation source appears on the inside wall(!) of the sifter - unlike the reverses described in the sources below (and other sources used by them, like JM-4).

In UNC, with excellent detail and luster; one spot of surface dirt on rev.; a few signs of surface imperfections in the tin planchet itself (rim and reverse); a few very light rim nicks; JM-110/111 (vaguely defined; no tin issues listed); similar to Kirschner 26 and P.u.R. 78 (but without Lucas reference on obverse, and with horizontal, not vertical, sifter; only silver issues listed); may be Brettauer-1902.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות קורן יודה יודאיקה יודאיכה וורמוט גרמניה