Germany: 'Corn Jew'/horizontal grain sifter medal, 1694, pewter strike
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Germany: "Corn Jew" / horizontal grain sifter medal, 1694; struck in pewter; by Christian Wermuth (Silesia); size: 34mm, weight: 15.7g.

Obverse: Jewish peddler (no landscape) facing right, with cane and Devil tearing open the corn sack, and legend "DU KORN IUDE." above, and "THEUREZEIT 1694" ("Expensive Time 1694") in one curved line at base.

Reverse: a horizontal grain sifter ("liegendes scheffelmass") and a quotation from Proverbs 11:26 ("those who withhold corn are cursed by the people") partially around the edge of the medal and rest of legend on inside rim of sifter, "WER KORN INNHAELT DEM FLUCHEN DIE LEUTHE".

In F-VF; scarce in this design; JM-4 and 110 (2nd full listing on page), variant of Kirschner-20, Brettauer-1901.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות קורן יודה יודאיקה יודאיכה וורמוט גרמניה