Germany: 'Useless Baptism' bronze medal by Wermuth, c. 1700
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Germany: anti-Semitic "Useless Baptism" medal ("taufmedaille"), ND, circa. 1700; struck in bronze (silvered); by Christian Wermuth (Germany); size: 43.25mm, weight: 36.5g.

Obverse: depicts Priest with prayer book standing behind a kneeling Jew with millstone around his neck, and execution behind ready to push him into the water; legend in German reads "SO BLEIBT ER AM BESTAENDIGSTEN" ("So he will stay forever").

Reverse: 14-line legend in German ending with 3 blossom-flower marks, translated roughly as "A Jew rarely becomes a Christian until unless he has done something wrong. He does it only for the money, to avoid serious punishment, for if he would steal he would be punished too hard". The medal's rim is also inscribed in German (engraved lettering; 14 words), "When the mouse eats the cat, then a Jew becomes a true Christian".

Edges are milled on both sides; thin seamline visible on rim; no signs of any previous tallion loop or its removal (some of these medals were fashioned for wear as tallions).

It's a cultural German custom to give Baptism medals to celebrate newborn children (similar in purpose to Jewish "Pidyon HaBen" silver medals); this version by Wermuth uses the token to mock supposed false baptisms of Jews and is also known as the "Mockery Medal".

In EF+, with most of the silvering finish still visible and only very light wear on highest points; imperfections on the edge are from the strike and not physical nicks; Kirchner 2; JM-13/14 and 113; Fieweger-76.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות טאוף מאדאי יודאיקה יודאיכה וורמוט גרמניה