Germany: Albrecht III der Fromme, Duke Bavaria-Munich copper medal by Schega
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Germany: Bavarian medal commemorating Albrecht (Albert) III der Fromme, Duke of Bavaria-Munich, by Franz Andreas Schega (1711-1787); circa. 1766-70; copper; size: 39.5mm, weight: 34.1g.

Obverse depicts bust of Albertus in hat with Latin legend "ALBERTUS III. BOIOR.DUX.". On reverse, a 9-line legend in Latin, highlighting Albrecht's (1438-1460) accomplishments, among them the expulsion of the Jews from Upper Bavaria (in 1445). Thick planchet.

The 9th medal of Schega's 17-piece series of portrait medals of Bavarian rulers. In EF-AU: some light scratches in places, but excellent detail overall and signs of luster in places (Forrer, vol. 5, p. 377).

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