Netherlands: Renaissance bronze jeton w/anti-Semitic overtones, 1576
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Netherlands: Renaissance anti-Semitic jeton, 1576; struck in bronze; no artist/maker's mark; size: 27mm, weight: 4.3g.

Obverse and reverse (90 degree die rotation) depict a bearded head with oversized (i.e. "Jewish") nose; obverse legend in Dutch reads "DEN.GVLDEN.VAN.NAZARIVS"; reverse legend reads "LEVF.HEBBER.DER.NVESEN.1576.".

A loose translation of the legend would be "A Guilden of Nazarius - Representative of the Nose"; the reference to Nazarius may be to one of several historic Catholic figures (Holland is a Catholic country) though nothing in their biography ties directly to a surficial examination of this jeton: the 4th Century martyr Nazarius, the 7th Century Saint Nazarius, the contemporary Italian Dominican theologian John Paul Nazarius (1556-1645) and the 4th Century Latin rhetoretician Nazarius.

In F-VF; Fieweger 725 (variant). Scarce: very few anti-Semitic tokens or jetons are known from Holland.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות רנסנס מאה 18 יודאיקה יודאיכה הולנד