Argentina: inauguration pavilion of Bikur Cholim tallion, Buenos Aires, 1943
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Argentina: commemorative tallion for inauguration of the Chaim Weizmann pavilion of the Bikur Cholim hospital in Buenos Aires, 1943; struck in nickel; not maker-marked; size: 29.5mm x 31.75mm; weight: 9.6g.

Obverse legend in Spanish reads "47 Aniversario Inauguración del Pavilión 'Dr. Chaim Weitzman' 17-X-1943"; reverse reads "Asociación Israelita de Protección al Enfermo 'Bikur Jolim' Buenos Aires".

The Jewish hospital in Buenos Aires was founded in 1896 as the "Bikur Cholim" hospital though it is better known there as the "Jewish Workers Union of Mutual Aid for the Sick" ("Unión Obrera Israelita de Socorros Mutuos para Enfermos"). Little is documented about the hospital in standard resources though the 1944-45 American Jewish Committee report on Latin America mentions that "The Bikur Cholim opened an unusually well-equipped out-patient clinic" - and this is probably a reference to the pavilion commemorated by the medallion. At that time Chaim Weizmann served as president of the World Zionist Organization (eg. the Zionist movement).

A fairly remarkable commemoration for that time because at the same period the Argentine government attempted to restrict Jewish identity and welfare activities. In AU.

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