Austria: Carl Lueger Vienna Mayor 60th birthday medal by R.F. Marschall
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Austria: Dr. Carl Lueger, Mayor of Vienna 60th birthday medal (1904) by Rudolph Ferdinand Marschall (Austria); struck in bronze; size: 60mm, weight: 68.65g.

Obverse depicts right facing bust of Lueger with legend "BÜRGERMEISTER DR • CARL LUEGER" and "R•MARSCHALL FEC•" on two lines next to bust.

On reverse 11 line legend in German: "in grateful love to a great man by Christian Austria on his 60th Birthday".

Karl Lueger (1844-1910; interestingly his name is spelled with a "C" on the medal) was a highly praised mayor of Vienna, who helped improve its infrastructure but also known for his racist view against non-German minorities, including Jews (though credited also for his saying, "I decide who is a Jew", having had many Jewish friends).

The medalist, Marschall, was court medalist to the Austrian Emperor and his works also include Jewish figures, like the actor Josef Lewinsky (1898). In EF-AU.

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