Belgium: Rabbi Dr. Henri Loeb bronze medal by Leopold Wiener, 1859
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Belgium: Rabbi Dr. Henri Loeb, 1859; struck bronze medal by Leopold Wiener; size: 59mm, weight: 89.95g: with bust of Loeb on obverse and legend in Hebrew and French on reverse; commemorating the 25th anniversary of his election as the Chief Rabbi of Belgium.

The Hebrew legend reads "Torah of Truth is borne on his lips, and injustice not found in his speech, in peace and in expanses he goes with us, and many has he protected from transgression".

Leopold Wiener, an important Jewish engraver and sculptor of the 19th Century, served as the First Engraver of the Belgian mint, designed much of Belgium's currency at that time, several medals commemorating the Belgian Royal family, and produced a vast portfolio of medals. In VF+. JTM-PEM-3 and JMM-51-52.

מילות מפתח: מדליות דמויות דיוקנים דיוקן יהודיים יהודים רבנים יודאיקה יוקאיכה בלגיה