'David-Batsheva'/'Lot & Daughters' Joachimsthaler by Milicz/workshop, c. 1545 1570
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"David and Batsheva" / "Lot and his Daughters" Joachimsthaler (ND), circa. 1545 - 1570; cast in white metal; by Nickel Milicz and his workshop; size: 46.25mm, weight: 20.85g.

Obverse: depicts scene of King David peering from a balcony at Batsheva bathing in courtyard pool, and legend around edge: "DAVID. SANDTE. POTEN. HIN. UND. LIES. DIE. BERSABEA. HOLEN. REGVM.XI" - an image possibly inspired by Hans Sebald Beham, Katz p.201. Reverse: depicts scene of Lot and his two daughters, with the town of Sdom (Sodom) burning in the background, and legend "VND. LOT. ZOCH. AVS. ZOAR. VND. BLIB. AVF. DEN. BERG. MIT. SEINEN. GENE.XIX.".

In AU-UNC: good detail considering that medal is a cast piece, but lack of finer detail also due to casting method rather than actual wear; tallion at top has been clipped off; Katz #417 p. 200 and plate LIV-2.