Bronze token 5th assembly of religious-Zionist "Bachad" youth movement Budapest 1947
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Bronze token of 1st postwar (5th) convention of the religious-Zionist "Bachad" youth movement, in Budapest, 1947; size: 1.75 x 2.1mm; weight: 2.4g. Obverse bears legend in Hebrew: "[Hebrew month of] Tamuz [June-July, in the year] 5707 Fifth Convention Budapest"; on reverse the emblem of the "Bachad" youth movement. The token is designed as a tallion.

"Bachad" - "Brit Chalutzim Datiim", the "Covenant of Religious [Zionist] Pioneers" was founded in German in 1928 to train and prepare religious-Zionist youths to emigrate to Palestine and establish communities there. The movement operated also in Austria, Britain Czechoslovakia, Holland, Hungary, and Romania, and in Poland (under the auspicies of the "Bnei Akiva" and "HaShomer HaDati" youth movements).

The movement was established on the basis of another movement called "Tzeirey Mizrachi" ("Mizrachi Youth" - Mizrachi being an existing religious political party) to serve as an umbrella organization for all the religious-Zionist youth movements in Germany, and initially known as "HaChalutz HaMizrachi" before being renamed "Bachad". The reknowned scientist and thinker, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, prepared the educational program of the movement.

In 1937 "Bachad" together with other religious youth movements founded the "Kibbutz HaDati" settlement movement within whose framework it established the Kibbutz 'Tirat Tzvi'. The movement's last pre-war convention was its 4th, in 1934 in Berlin, and this tallion commemorates their 5th convention, in Budapest prior to (and on the eve of) Israel's establishment, with strict immigration quotas and a British sea-blockade on Palestine in place.

אסימון מזכרת כינוס חמישי של תנועת נוער דתי ציוני לאומי בח"ד בודפשט