Bulgaria: Jewish technical school thimble, circa. 1870-1880's
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Bulgaria: Jewish technical school thimble (ND), circa. 1870-1880's: brass thimble inscribed in Cyrillic letters: "зтб еврейчета софия" (with Star of David device after legend), translated more or less as "Jewish Charging-Technical Base Sofia".

The thimble probably pre-dates independent Bulgaria (1877-1878), when she was still part of the Russian Empire as the legend translates most comprehensibly into Russian rather than Bulgarian (the abbreviation "зтб" make the most sense if translated into Russian and their best meaning found is "charging-technical base") - and the thimble's lettering bears a Tsarist-era style.

Although the Jewish community of Bulgaria is an ancient one and historiography records many institutions existing to serve the Bulgarian Jewish community, their details are scant (example: "From Sofia to Jaffa: the Jews of Bulgaria and Israel" by Guy H. Haskell, pg. 91-100). The oldest technical-related Jewish institution would have been the Russian-based "ORT" school network ("The Society for Trades and Agricultural Labour"), founded in 1880 - but it only opened in Bulgaria in 1926; otherwise, there was the "Miladinov Brothers" school in Yuchbunar which opened in 1891. 

The Zionist-affiliated Alliance Schools of the period there taught in only Hebrew - which does not correspond to the Cyrillic used on this thimble. As such it may be a forerunner of either of the first two mentioned institutions above. Rare; in VF-EF with a few minor dents and with traces of original(?) red paint around the letters; 2.35g; not maker marked.

מילות מפתח: מדליות מוסדות עמותה עמותות יהודיות בית בתי ספר מרכז קהילתי בולגריה יודאיקה יוקאיכה