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United States: Harry S. Truman, 1960: 40mm, with bust of Truman and legend "Man of the Century", and Menorah. Issued during the State of Israel Bonds drive in Chicago to commemorate the former US...

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United Kingdom "model token"/toy money: 'Model Crown' minted by Hyams, 1848, VF; silver and gilt plated; size: 2.65cm; weight: 8g. Obverse depicts left facing bust of Queen Victoria and date in...

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Britain > Wales: Rabaiotti Brothers 1 penny uniface brass token ND, c.1900-1925; not maker-marked; size: 25.5mm; weight: 5g. Undocumented: probably issued by "Pollardi & Rabaiotti Brothers,...

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Germany: "Cuckold Medal" ("Hahnrei medaille") of the "Feather Jew" motif (ND), circa. 1700; struck in pewter; by Christian Wermuth (Germany, Gotha); size: 39.5mm, weight: 8.2g.Obverse: a two-antlered...

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Germany > Hamburg; The New Jewish Hospital in Hamburg, 1841; struck in bronze; by Hans Friedrich Alsing; weight: 43.65g; size: 45mm. Obverse bears left facing bust of Salomon Heine and legend...

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United States: International Academy of Sciences, Education, Industry & Arts "Einstein" medal (ND); struck in brass; weight: 38.95g; size: 40.25mm.Obverse depicts bust of Albert Einstein and...

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Prisoner of Zion ("Refusnik") medal commemorating Hillel Butman; cast in nickel(?); weight: 23.25g; size: 48.5mm x 63mm: obverse depicts Star of David enchained with lock bearing symbol of the Soviet...

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