Chile: 20th anniversary Zionist Federation medal, 1939
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Chile: 20th anniversary commemorative medal of the Zionist Federation ("Federación Sionista de Chile"), 1939; struck in aluminum/alloy; maker-marked "JP"; size (medal only): 28mm; weight: 9.8g.

Obverse bears a Star of David at center, with Spanish legend above and below "XX Aniversario" and "Fed. Sionista de Chile".

Reverse bears a raised hand drawn out of a Hebrew letter "Kaf" (which means "20" when used as a digit; the 20th Zionist Congress of 1937 used the letter "Kaf" as well in its emblem) with Hebrew legend below "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem" and the dates "1919 1939" above; minter/marker's mark is at base, near edge.

The obverse of the medal may be a reused planchet as traces of the design can still be seen, though upside down. This example has a horizontal rosette device at the base of the wreath; another variety with a different maker's mark has a horizontal rosette device instead - perhaps two different engravers who knew how to design Hebrew letters.

Zionist activity in Chile increased after the First World War party because of Jewish immigration caused by the Russian revolution and also because of the Balfour Declaration (of 1917): by 1919 a "Congress of Chilean Jewry" of representatives from 13 cities convened in order to centralize the Jewish community, and here the "Federacion Sionista de Chile" was established and became the main organization of Chilean Jewry.

In VF-EF; seldomly encountered with a ribbon.

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