Germany: seal of Regensburg Jewish community commemoration medal, c. 1956-1969
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Germany > Regensburg: commemoration of the seal of the Jewish community of Regensburg, ND (circa. 1956-1969); pewter; no maker-mark but most likely made by the firm "E. W." (Eugen Wiedamann) of Regensburg; size: 82mm x 89.75mm; weight: 119.30g.

Obverse depicts a replica of the community's original seal, dating to 1356: the original design (as shown) depicts a crescent moon and six pointed star with Hebrew legend around (difficult to discern both in the original and on this rendition - only the word "Kahal", "assmbly" stands out).

Around the edge is the legend in German "Seal of the Jewish Community of Regensburg | 13th Century" (a subtle mistake: the community's Synagogue - see item 0131017 - dates from the 13th Century but this seal dates from the 14th Century). Hence the estimated dating for this piece: it may be from as early as 1956, to coincide with the 600th anniversary of the seal, or from 1967-1969 to commemorate the 1217 establishment of the Regensburg Synagogue or the 1519 destruction of it.

The Middle-Eastern/Islamic image of the crescent moon and star may relate to the origins of the community's earliest members who came to Regensburg from the Middle East around the 10th Century and so make Regensburg the oldest document Jewish settlement in Bavaria.

The circumstances of the seal are hard to pinpoint but its creation probably celebrates the protection of the Jews in Regensburg: between the 1330 and 1349 the Jews of southern Germany were persecuted and up to 12,000 murdered with 350 communities destroyed; in Regensburg, local citizens protected the Jews against a lynch mob and subsequently surviving Jews from the region (including Austria) moved to Regensburg.

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