Germany: WWI tallion for German-Jewish Kindergarten of Limburg, c. 1914-1916
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Germany > Limburg: World War I tallion "In Recognition of the German-Jewish Kindergarten of Limburg an der Lahn", circa. 1914-1916; zinc(?), 27mm, 8.3g: depicts an 'eternal flame'(?) with the date "August 1914" (i.e. the month the 1st World War began) on the obverse, and the German legend "In Anerkennung Der Deutsch-Israelitischer Kinderhort Limburg a.L." surmounting an Iron Cross.

The medal's reference to the "Kinderhort" is probably to the better-known "Deutsch-Israelitischer Kinderheim" of Limburg zu Diez an der Lahn, founded in 1886 as a Jewish house of education for orphans and children from poor families and forceably closed in 1935.

In the absence of available information documenting a special contribution of the kindergarten to the war effort, a good supposition for this medal's purpose is that it either commemorates the institution for sending young graduates from its house to the army for military service (at that time children aged 16 were recruited for front-line service), or for providing beds/food for soldiers.

מילות מפתח: מדליות מוסדות עמותה עמותות יהודיות בית בתי ספר מרכז קהילתי גרמניה יודאיקה יוקאיכה