Great Britain: E. Moses & Son calendar tin medal, 1856
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Great Britain, London; E. Moses & Son calendar medal, 1856; struck in silvered tin; no makers mark; weight: 16.85g; size: 40.5mm.

Obverse depicts left facing bust of the Duke of Wellington (Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley) with dates of his birth and death; on reverse a calendar of the dates of Sundays for the year 1856. In EF-AU, with much original luster; planchet a little uneven though no signs of any damage which would have caused this.

Wellington was the hero of the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon (1815), served as British Prime Minister (1828-30) and as commander in chief of the British army until his death (1852). The token may commemorate him among other reasons because the firm manufactured uniforms.

Elias Moses (1783-1868), a Jewish clothing retailer and manufacturer, established his business in 1832, gradually developed it into a major chain which was distinguished by its novel concept at that time of operating on low margins with a high sales turnover, and for its advertising techniques. Elias married the daughter of his competitor, Hyam Hyams, another major Jewish clothes retailer (whose merchant tokens are featured here). By the 1860's E.Moses & Son was one of the most important retailers of ready-made clothes in Britain.

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