Israel: Israel Military Industries 50th anniv. tombak medal, 1983
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Israeli Military Industries ("Ta'as") 50th anniversary commemoration medal, 1983; struck in tombak; weight: 25.95g; size: 39.5mm. Obverse depicts the emblem of the IMI (the IDF's emblem of an olive branch intertwined with a sword, on a background of a factory wheel), with legend "50th Jubilee of the Military Industries" 1933-1983; on reverse the official emblem of Israel's 35th Anniversary with legend "Year of Bravery" and along edge "35 Years of Israel's Independence".

IMI began as a cottage industry in the town of Givatayim, to equip the pre-State defence militia, the "Hagana", and developed in time into an organized body of workshops producing a variety of hand-held weapons, including the Sten and the Uzi. Today IMI is involved in several fields in the defence industry, from electronics to engines and weaponry, helping make Israel the 4th largest player in the global defence industry. In VF-EF.

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