Italian Michelangelo Jesurum & Co. Jewish merchant token, 1889, UNC
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Italy: "M. Jesurum & Co." Jewish merchant token, 1889, in brass, UNC; size: 3.6cm; weight: 17.2g. Obverse bears the business name and emblem(?) "J. Jesurum & Cie. Venise | Souvenir". Legend on reverse states that the token is a souvenir of the Paris Exhibition of 1889 and mentions the speciality of the business - embroideries and lace.

Michelangelo Jesurum was one of two key figures in the establishment of the Venetian lace industry which overtook that of the rival French, founding his business in 1870. His lace weave innovation was so successful it won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878, and he acquired the reputation of “the Michelangelo of Lace” while Jesurum’s fame won him the position of “official Royal lacemaker”. Although the Levy Morenos factory took over the business in 1939, it retained the name and the business exists to this day.